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April 2024: SVEA Variety Show!

For our April meeting, we had our first-ever SVEA Variety Show! Thank you to everyone who participated in our first SVEA 253 Variety Show! It was so fun to see the different acts, from poetry to music, comedy to hula! And thank you to everyone who came out to support the performers!

Here was our lineup for this year:

Judy McBride - Comedy Act

Brenda Myers, Jim Lindgren, Jeff Atteberry, Donna Anderson, Alexa Davis - Ukulele Performance

Brenda Miller - Poetry Recitation

Scott Clarkson - Trumpet Performance

Aidan Parker & John Bevelhimer - Skit

Charles Henrickson - Comedic Song Performance

Marti Matthews - Hawaiian Hula

Steven Cooley - Piano and Song Performance

Viola Abbott - Poetry Recitation


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