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April 3, 2022 - Meeting Recap

For our April meeting, Cultural Leaders Hannah Lindgren and Katie Blodgett hosted a fun game show called "Mystery Members" where SVEA 253 members were asked to answer questions about themselves beforehand, and then fellow members competed to figure out who the facts were about at this fun meeting! Everyone was so busy having fun that we even forgot to take pictures!

In case you missed it, here are the questions and answers we used in the game!


  • Membership

  • WHAT year did our most tenured member join?

  • Answer: 1995 (Bonus points: who? Jim)

  • WHAT number of the 22 respondents joined in the last 10 years?

  • Answer: 17

  • WHO has joined in the last 10 years, but have been participating since childhood? (2 answers accepted.)

  • Answer: Hannah or Marissa (Bonus points if you get both)

  • WHAT year did our chairperson Glenn Carlstrand join?

  • Answer: 2000

  • How many active paying members does SVEA 253 currently have?

  • Answer: 105

  • Hobbies

  • WHO runs a side business selling thrifted home goods?

  • Answer: Hannah Lindgren

  • WHO picks their own berries and makes their own jam?

  • Answer: Andrea Halverson

  • WHO considers bees one of their hobbies?

  • Answer: Stefan Persson

  • WHO practices Swedish Weaving as a hobby?

  • Answer: Lois Klubens

  • How many of the 22 respondents consider reading one of their hobbies?

  • Answer: 14

  • Special Talents

  • Which one of our members can juggle?

  • Answer: Katie Blodgett

  • Which of our members can whistle like a bobwhite quail?

  • Answer: Brenda Miller

  • Which of our members can cross country ski?

  • Answer: Ingrid Childs

  • Which of our members is skilled in portrait photography?

  • Answer: Paul Halverson

  • Who is a fast runner and ran the Boston Marathon?

  • Answer: Ron Ross

  • Professions

  • What is Amy Johnson’s profession?

  • Answer: Archaeologist

  • Which member is a special education teacher?

  • Answer: Crystal Kramer

  • Whose career focused on environmental regulations and air pollution control?

  • Answer: Anne Heighway

  • Which two of our members work or worked in the supply chain?

  • Answer: Ingrid Childs and Jon Dahlstrom

  • How many of the respondents work or worked in education?

  • Answer: 8

  • Scandinavian Connections

  • Which two of the respondents were born and raised in Sweden?

  • Answer: Ingrid Childs and Stefan Persson

  • Which of our members is not Swedish but grew up in Sweden?

  • Answer: Jordan Huffer

  • Whose Swedish connection comes through an exchange student?

  • Answer: Brenda Miller

  • Which respondents have/had a parent or parents born in Sweden?

  • Answer: Lois Klubens and Marissa Childs

  • Which member’s family comes from Jakobstad, Finland?

  • Answer: Katie Blodgett


  • Fun Facts Part 1

  • Where in the world did Judi Carlstrand live for 11 years?

  • Answer: Central America

  • Who took three months off to travel to Alaska when they turned 50?

  • Answer: Anne Heighway

  • Whose baby was born 10 days late?

  • Answer: Crystal Kramer

  • Whose fondest childhood memory is their mother singing ABBA while ironing their father’s work shirts?

  • Answer: Drew Eisenhut

  • Which two members enjoy cooking vegan meals?

  • Answer: Judy McBride and Hannah Lindgren

  • Fun Facts Part 2

  • Whose son and his family live in Vietnam?

  • Answer: Susie Walker

  • Whose father-in-law’s pre-requisite for marriage was that they had to like pickled herring?

  • Answer: Andrea Halverson

  • Who is a preacher’s kid who married a preacher’s kid?

  • Answer: Ann Carlson

  • This member is planning on retiring next year.

  • Answer: Jim Lindgren

  • Who used to lead 100-mile canoeing and backpacking trips in Canada?

  • Judy McBride

  • Scandinavian Preferences

  • Rank these four Swedish desserts by most preferred to least preferred: pepparkakor, rice pudding, almond cake and princess torte.

  • Answer: Princess Torte, Almond Cake, Pepparkakor, Rice Pudding

  • Out of these four smorgasbord items, which is preferred by the most members: dill potato salad, herring, beet salad and smorgastorte.

  • Answer: Smorgastorte

  • Did most respondents prefer coffee or tea?

  • Answer: Coffee (12 preferred, 10 preferred tea)

  • How many of the 22 respondents said that they like herring?

  • Answer: 9

  • Rank these three Swedish holidays by most preferred to least preferred: Midsommar, St. Lucia Day, Kraftskiva

  • Answer: St. Lucia Day (13), Midsommar (9), Kraftskiva (0)

  • Favorite Foods

  • Whose favorite food is Swedish cabbage rolls?

  • Answer: Amy Johnson

  • Who lists Japanese food as one of their favorite cuisines?

  • Answer: Drew Eisenhut

  • Whose favorite food is lobster?

  • Answer: Paul Halverson

  • Whose favorite food is pot roast?

  • Answer: Ron Ross

  • Whose favorite food is donuts?

  • Answer: Jon Dahlstrom


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