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IKEA Julbord 2023

Overall there were approximately 19 members of our lodge dressed up to showcase our Swedish heritage at the IKEA Julbord. What a fun time and continued partnership with the IKEA Fishers store. Our IKEA liaison, Monique, was there with two other coordinators, Nathan and Sara, to help make the guests feel welcome. I talked about my daughter Kim, who works there and was a key person in helping us get to know Monique. Thanks to Hannah and all of her coordinating with Monique to make this event happen.

The children enjoyed painting a Dala Häst and learning about its history as a symbol of Sweden. What a wonderful time to talk about language, culture, heritage which includes traditional song and dance. We were even able to talk about SVEA and its three main events of the year.  Many people were not aware of its existence. What a great opportunity for all!!

Here are several comments from the members of our lodge that attended the Julbord last Friday:


  • It was a lovely evening with friends and a good meal. I like the variety of food and it is certainly plentiful. The Julbord is certainly worth the drive.

  • Liked the meatball selection- chicken, beef and veggie. Big cookie table, wow. People there were so welcoming. The servers were friendly and cheerful. The greeters were pleasant and happy to have us there. Fun to see all of the Swedes in their traditional costumes.

  • I always enjoy volunteering because it's a chance to make people aware of Swedish traditions and history. While striking up conversations with people, I often learn about their heritage and traditions also. Helping the kids paint dala horses allowed us to share the history of it and how it became a symbol of Sweden. Since many came to eat at the julbord it was a chance to share about how Swedes celebrate Christmas and the smörgåsbord. 

  • The food was delicious and varied. Lots of traditional dishes. Loved the desserts. Nice to see our fellow lodge members and see some local Swedish community people that we did not know. Perfect time to share and get acquainted.

We look forward to a continued relationship with IKEA and have plans to wear our traditional dress for the upcoming Midsommar in 2024.

Glenn Carlstrand

SVEA 253 Chairperson


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