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March 7, 2021 - Meeting Recap

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

SVEA 253 members Katie and Carin Blodgett presented on Finnish Sauna Culture! To obtain a recording of this meeting, email Hannah Lindgren at

Minutes of Regular Meeting

Svea #253 March 7, 2021

Chair Glenn Carlstrand called the meeting of Svea 253 to order March 7, 2021 on Zoom

Chair Report - Glenn Carlstrand

  • Reminded everyone about Otter Live which is a transcript service available to use during the meeting. Can be used if it is difficult to hear speakers

  • Visitors were Susie Walker one of the Karlstrand cousins and Carole Gardner’s friend Debbie Miller

  • April meeting will be on April 11 th due to Easter Sunday. Program by Jordan Huffer “Growing up in Malmö"

  • Proposal for midsummer outside in June. People bring own food, Scandelocity could perform. If June seems too soon Midsummer could be moved to July. Hannah Lindgren will put together a survey to gage interest to send out to members

  • Thanked Jean Tygum for another great Tidningen issue. If anyone has any ideas of articles, please send to Jean Tygum and Judi Carlstrand. Deadline is April 1 st for articles to be in the April issue

Secretary Report - Jordan Huffer

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer Report – Ulla Williams

  • Reported a net worth on February 1, 2021 was $26,789.70 and the ending balance on February 28, 2021 was $27,167.75

  • Income (Dues, Kroger, MM int.) $761.71

  • Expenses -$385.66

  • Total members 103

  • 88 paid members

  • 15 not paid

Cultural Report – Hannah Lindgren

  • Today Katie and Carin Blodgett will be presenting about sauna culture

  • The lodge website is almost finished

Good of the Order

  • Linda Tylke presented on District #8 Hospital Fund - Must be under 65. The money is for members to help pay anything that other benefits don't cover. Application is simple and there is a fee each year. Linda Tylke encouraged us to appoint a Hospital Fund Secretary that would be able to collect dues and applications

  • Lois Klubens will talk about Old Age Benefits at the next meeting

 Next general meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 11th, 2021 at 2pm



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